Geekgear, world of wizardry, Dec box review

My World of Wizardry Geekgear box arrived in time for Christmas! I was really happy and pretty shocked to see it on my doorstep this morning but it was a great surprise. As I’m sure you all know by now it is a box that I subscribe too and receive every month. I pay in three month instalments and an individual box costs around £24.95 I think. Please check out there site here for more prices and box options: also if you follow this link and subscribe then I receive a free box after 5 people use it, so I’m extremely grateful! This box and the following two are my birthday present from my annoying older brother and amazing sister-in-law so thank you both so much!!

On to the box, this one is in my true house colours of a Hufflepuff which is great, was nice to open a box to yellow paper, so much more cheerful then the blue. I’ll start with the wearable items as there were quite a few in this month’s box. The first of which was the usual t-shirt that is once again a well-made shirt. It comes in either yellow or black and I have the yellow one (of course), the phrase printed is super sweet, it says, ‘Hogwarts will Always be there to welcome you home’ and I love it. I will probably use it as a sleep shirt though as it doesn’t really look like one that I would wear every day. I’m happy with sleep shirts, never have too many pyjamas!

Next is a hat that is the colour of your Hogwarts house and so I have a Hufflepuff coloured one. I’ll admit, I don’t really wear hats as I usually pull my hood up but when I do I will wear it with pride! I would probably have preferred a scarf though if I’m completely honest. There is also a set of matching house gloves. Now these I will definitely wear as I was about to buy some new ones as I have lost one of mine and I need gloves. Perfect timing for storm Barbara that’s about to hit the UK. I will still keep my eye out for gloves though as these feel a little small for an adult’s hands and my hands aren’t that big.

There is also a rather weighty Hogwarts crest keyring. It’s a little heavy for me to add it to my keys but I will hang it on my Harry Potter wall back at University. It’s well made and it some type of metal so a good addition, just a little heavy for me to carry in my pocket.

Next up we have a Harry Potter cotton mug. This is both fantastic and a massive let down as the mug cosy is super cute and I really love it and will probably use it for my take away hot drinks so I don’t use as many cardboard holders. I love it. The mug however, is just a plain white mug, it’s fine and usable but I’m a bit disappointed that there was no Harry Potter design on it. Not even in the colouring.

I’m not sure what I could use the next item for so I welcome any ideas you guys might have. It’s a Hogwarts crest patch, one of the iron patches that you can put on clothes and things. I don’t really have any clothes suitable and I don’t carry a bag around with me. It’s a very good quality and I really like it, just not sure what I can do with it, certainly not pin it up as I don’t want to ruin it!

There is also a magnet, it has a Hogwarts crest in your house colour on it. Not much to say about it really, it’s a magnet, it sticks to metal objects.

The final item is the usual print work. I wasn’t impressed with this month’s one, it’s a Fantastic Beat theme but I find the portrait a little creepy. The beasts are done well but the colours are so dark that they’re hard to distinguish. Talented artist but it’s not for me.

Overall, it’s been a good box, not a great one, but not bad. The t-shirt and the mug cover are my favourites but, I’m hoping for a better box next month. The hint is Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes so it should be great!

This is likely my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and stay safe!

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!

Charlotte x


World of Wizardry Geek Gear October 2016 Review

The highlight of my month is here and just in time to cheer me up. Once again been ill so seeing this waiting for me today was amazing.img_1786

So I’m sure your all aware by now that I subscribe to the World of Wizardry box from Geekgear that arrives every month posted between the 21st to the 23rd. The box comes in a brilliant crate like design with the Hogwarts crest around the edge. You also specify which house you belong to so your box is personalised to you. I still have Ravenclaw. It’s around £24.95 per month and if you get 5 people to subscribe you get a free box so please use this link and buy yourselves a treat:

This box was full of both useful and useless things as they usually are. The one thing I am in love with is the small illustrated 2017 calendar. The pictures are gorgeous and it will help me keep track of my deadlines and assignments next year which is a double bonus. I won’t show all the month’s photos because that would ruin the fun but I’ve included April just to show you how amazing it really is.

I also received a little prefect badge (pin) which is in Ravenclaw blue and comes specific to your house colour. It’s a nice size and will go on my Harry Potter noticeboard that has been filling rapidly with these boxes. Anyways the badge isn’t anything amazing, it’s cute though and was boxed really nicely with a personal note from Professor McGonagall.

A couple of posters included which were in a cardboard tube so they weren’t damaged in the postage process. Really nice Hogwarts house poster but I love the Proclamation! It’s brilliant and the message is hilarious! Centre of the wall I think. As well as a double sided print which I think I might display the Hogwarts side of but I’ll wait and see how I feel. Some great artwork in the box, blown away by the skill and thought that went into these prints.

One thing I didn’t really understand was the Platform 9¾ metal wall sign, it was really well made but it makes the previous posted a bit pointless. I know this was the theme of the box but would have preferred one or the others. Not a fan of metal work so maybe that’s why I didn’t really like it that much. It is well made though, a little cheap as expected but the image is really well done, can only tell its cheap when you turn it over.img_1788

Also a nice little coffee mug which is great because I was thinking of buying one now that it’s getting colder. Again, a very cheap quality but the writing and footsteps really pop on the white background and is very cute. I like it but not sure how much I trust it. Will have to do a test run with cold liquid first.

I like the little added bonus of the Hogwarts ribbon as well. I’ve been meaning to try making some hairclips from this type of ribbon as I’m seen some very crafty people do in the past so this gives me the incentive. Not sure how useful an item it is as I wouldn’t want to waste it by wrapping other people’s presents in it! My ribbon! Hands off!

Then finally this boxes t-shirt! It came in two colours, a purple or a grey. Can’t decide which I would have preferred as I love both colours but I received the grey. Haven’t tried it on yet but the placement is great and I love the design so no faults so far. It will be small like the previous ones so it should fit perfectly.

All in all, a very happy customer this month! Some good, some great, all will be used! A good cheer up after watching the latest Walking Dead which destroyed me this morning. A cheer up after illness as well. Honestly if you want to pamper yourself and cheer yourselves up then please consider this box! Or even as a gift for someone! It’s a lovely teat at the end of the month. Next month’s hint is Gringotts so that will be fun to see. It will also be the Christmas box next month due to them shipping internationally and wanting to make sure everyone gets their Christmas goodies before the day itself.

img_1804Once again my referral link is here, no different from the direct website just shows that you found the box through me which makes me happy!

Thanks as always for reading! Also sorry that a lot of my photos face the wrong way! That’s my great photography skills at work!

Charlotte x


O-teas comes to the IOM, available Worldwide

This review is a little different from my normal product review which I think is great as I’m branching out a bit. I’ll be telling you all about the great love of English/British folk…tea! A new manufacturing company recently opened up on the Isle of Man (which is where I live) and had a great offer of 20% off for us locals. It’s not often we get things like this locally produced and so I got a bit excited.

They have a really nice range of flavoured teas which as my regular readers will know I have yet to find a flavoured tea that I actually enjoy. My hope is that with the little gift box that I’ve bought I will finally find one to stock up on. If not, they do a decent English Breakfast tea so I’m happy.

The box that I ordered as I stated before, is a gift box. It contains 12 individually boxed single teabags and you can choose which flavours you receive. You can also do a full 24 bag box and try many other teas. The box itself is £5.99 and for UK/local postage it’s £2.50 but with my code it came to £6.49 so I’m a happy bunny.

Once you’ve tried all your flavours you can order it on its own instead of individually. The prices vary on the size of you order so take a look at the website to see what types you’d prefer. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this page so you can all take a look. They do ship Worldwide so you don’t have to be a UK resident! All my international readers can feel free to order as well (I recommend a good English Breakfast with 1-2sugars and a splash of milk!)

On to the flavours I have tried out. I had a Wellness tea which came separate to the box, which wasn’t too bad! Quite a citrusy tea so would be perfect for when you have a cold. My mum actually went back to refill the cup with hot water so we got a couple of cups out of the one teabag.

The next one was a Goji berry, Vanilla and Strawberry Green tea which I found a bit yucky and so did mum, probably because we’re not green tea fans but I couldn’t resist the strawberry flavour! Maybe if it was just a Strawberry and Vanilla tea I’d have enjoyed it a bit more?

I tried the Liquorice one next as I’m a sucker for liquorice flavoured things. It wasn’t strong enough for me, I couldn’t taste enough liquorice. My mum finished the cup and said it was too strong for her so I guess it’s personal preference? I didn’t hate this one, but wouldn’t buy it as an everyday tea.

IMG_1498My favourite so far was the orange and ginger tea. Was really refreshing and was perfect for a warm evening. As far as fruity teas go I think this is my favourite so far. Would order a small box for the rare warm evenings we have.

I’ll freely admit that I’m still an English Breakfast girl and would be quite content to drink it all day every day. I don’t mind a rare cup of Earl Grey either but wouldn’t buy it for myself.

I’m not going to go and list every tea in my box as I will let you all try them for yourselves. If you want me to tell you my thoughts on a certain flavour, then feel free to leave me a message and I’ll let you know how I found it.

Also for you environmentally friendly folk out there, the bags are biodegradable, and the boxes are recycled so it’s not bad in that sense either. The packaging was plastic and bubble wrapped to stop the box being damaged (also a plastic box) so not great for the environment there but I thought it looked pretty and well presented.

So a great mix of flavours available and a decent price for you to try things you might usually not bother with. There are flavours for everyone even if, like me, you still just really like your usual. Please give them a try and order a box for yourself. The link for the site is:

A great treat and a special thanks to my mum who helped me sample the teas that were ordered. I may not have converted to a fruity alternative but I know where to find a refreshing drink for the summer months and a warming tea for the colder months. They also have some detox teas for people that are wanting to do a healthy detox health kick.

Charlotte x