Huggally Wuggally review

On to a review of the store Huggally Wuggally. This store has quickly become one of my favourites. They are based in the UK and have some absolutely gorgeous stock. Every time I see that they’re having a Market Night on their Facebook group, I pretty much rearrange my life and make sure I’m sat ready and waiting to buy all the goodies that I can. Everything is handmade and really good quality. The customer service is brilliant and the owner is one of the nicest people. I’ll be buying more from them in future.

My first purchase was for two pads and two face cloths. Initially I missed out on the perfect Unicorn pad that I had to have but the owner kindly made one up for me. I love this pad! Both the unicorn and the Harry Potter pad are Minky topped and the softest pads I own. The Unicorn pad is a heavy pad but still nice and thin, the bit of bulk that it does have just makes me feel a bit more secure if I’m being completely honest. It’s 10.5” long and is fleece backed. The fleece grips my undies really nicely so the pad doesn’t move around at all, the same for the Harry Potter one. I paid £9.50 for the Unicorn pad as it is a longer pad and for a heavy cycle, so more material was used to make it.

The Harry Potter pad is 10” and a Moderate, it’s the one I keep in my bag for the ‘just in case’ moments. It’s also the one I show to anyone and everyone that will listen to me talk about cloth pads (if your one of these people, I hope you’ve now bought your own!) I’m in love with them both. My only negative is that the Harry Potter pad has a lot of white fabric exposed, and whilst I’m not squeamish, I always worry that it’ll stain (so far it hasn’t) it’s a small downside and I would buy a hundred of these pads if I could afford it. This pad was £7.25

I would love if I could get some more of her pads in a smaller size, as I’ve found 8-9” suits me a little better. These two pads are still the pride of my collection so far though.DSCF2348

Ok, on to the two little cloth wipes. I’ll be honest and tell you all that I only bought these initially because I didn’t want to pass up on the cute Harry Potter prints. The Espresso Patrunum one in particular made me chuckle. I have them both as flannels and have only used one so far as I’m really saving them to brighten up my bathroom when I get back to University. They work perfectly as little face cloths though when I clean my face in an evening. They could also be used as back up toilet roll apparently. So might be an idea to keep one in a handbag for those annoying public bathrooms that never have any toilet paper handy. I’m not a fan of this idea though so I’ll stick to face cloths. These were around £2 each if I remember right, may have cheaper, somewhere between £1-2 but I can’t find my original invoice.

Finally, my newest purchase is my first pair of Scrundies. Non elastic underwear that are now becoming my period pants. Something to take the pressure off of my stomach as even the slight elastic from my pants makes my stomach feel worse. I haven’t been able to wear these for a cycle day just yet but I have worn them to try on and they fit perfectly. I bought these in a Market Night and they were here about a week later which was impressive considering they had to be made in my size (Small). I love them, and I have the pad to match so I’m in Unicorn heaven. These were £12 and I think £1.50 postage.IMG_1320

These are just the items that I’ve purchased, she also makes cloth nappies and children’s clothes as well as a range of adult clothes as well. If you like your funky leggings then this is a shop for you to take a look at. I just wish I had more money in order to keep buying more from her.

I can’t recommend this store enough. Please check them out on Facebook! They are fantastic, and so comfy! Especially if you’re just starting out! The Facebook page is:


My Days pamper box, July Box

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to write this review today as I’m going to see the new Star Trek film but it turns out that I’m going this evening and not the mid-day viewing so I have time to spare. Still can’t wait to see the film though!

So today I received my lovely July Pamper box from My Days. This is my second box from them and I have to say I’m not disappointed. Before I’d even opened the lid I could smell the goodies inside which made it all the more exciting. It comes really neatly packed and I swear the card is different than the one last month, shinier, but I can’t find the other one to compare. Maybe I’m imagining things, but it’s a really cute design anyways.

The first thing I picked up were the crisps that were sitting on the top. My mum will be sad to hear she didn’t get another pack of the lentil crisps (but not to fear I found some at a health food shop on my travels) instead I received, Pipers Crisp Co. Anglesey Sea Salt crisps! The website for them is and they are delicious. Very lightly salted and crispy and oh so yummy. I definitely prefer then to yucky lentil crisps, no offence to you lentil crisp ladies and gents! I don’t really eat a lot of crisps and so I can’t stop munching on these as I’m typing. My keyboard is going to be covered in salty finger prints but it’s worth it! Great addition to the box.

Next we have another sachet of hot chocolate, I received one of these in the previous box but it had leaked so I didn’t get to experience it in all its chocolaty glory. This month will be different, it’s a really creamy instant chocolate which is hard to find. I’m really happy to get another sachet and will treasure it until my cravings for chocolate start again. It’s a Fairtrade product by Lichfields but once again I can’t find a direct website for them so I’ll just tell you to find them on amazon because I’ve seen them available there before. I’ll be stocking up when it comes to the colder months.

Now onto the teas of the box. As I’m sure you’ve all realized by this point, I’m not a fruit tea drinker. In fact, anything other than English breakfast tea isn’t great to me. I do love trying them out though. I’m on a mission to find a healthy alternative to my usual tea. So far I’m unsuccessful. I’ll admit that the Dragonfly tea which is Indian Spice Chai does sound tempting. It is however an Organic Black Tea and I have a feeling it will be a bit too strong for me. I’ll save it for when my mum is around and that way if I don’t like it she can drink it. No I haven’t outgrown giving food and drink to my parents when I don’t like it, maybe I will when I’m 25 but for now they can have it! Anyways the website is for those of you who are on the search for new teas to try and like Organic products.

The second tea is a Clipper tea and I’ve had one of these before and it was one of the nicer teas I’ve received, I wouldn’t buy it, but I managed to finish the whole cup. This one is a called ‘A bag of our Happy Mondays Infusion’ so maybe it’s something I can try after my shift on Monday? It smells quite citrusy which is a good start and I have to say I can’t wait to try this one out, could be a winner. There isn’t a website on the packaging but I have seen Clipper teas in health stores so they shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of on your next shopping trip.

There’s a small tea light candle as well which is always a bit of a guessing game on what the scent and brand is. It smells very much like a berry in the box so I’m thinking blackberry. It smells great and I really wish I knew the brand so I could buy a box. I don’t use candles very often but this one isn’t overpowering and is really fresh smelling, would love to get some more.

There are also two handmade bars in this box. One is an Ylang Ylang and Orange Shampoo bar which smells a bit like I’ve walked into a Chinese herbal shop. It smells a little strange but quite fresh as well. I’ve read that Ylang Ylang is a flower that can be good as an antidepressant and relaxant, also an aphrodisiac which I don’t think I’ll be using it as. The orange is a little overpowered but there are still hints of it. I’m really cautious with what I use on my hair so I would have loved to know a bit more about what’s in this bar before I could use it. I might just use it as a hand soap instead.

The second hand product is a Dragonfruit soap. Unfortunately this is the one scent that I’m not a fan of. I find it a little too tangy for my tastes. The look of the bar is very pretty and I will be putting it by the sink in the bathroom so everyone can use it. Just not my personal favourite when it comes to scents. Prefer citrus or coconut if I’m honest. So love the look just not the smell.

Next up is the Ancient Wisdom, Dragons Blood gel scent and it looks amazing!  Again, the smell is a bit too strong for me and so I’ll probably be giving it to a friend, but I love the product itself. It’s packaged really nicely and gives good clear instructions and I really want to go take a look at the website. Usually strong scents as they are too overpowering for me and set off my migraines. I’m sad because I really like it and want to use them I just can’t, I might try popping them in a bowl as potpourri which I’ve just been advised by the lady who runs these boxes, Tanzi; that it might spread the scent a bit.  I initially thought this was a wax melt so apologise for any mix up. I really recommend taking a look at the site though because this pack will last for ages and if you like scented products then this is perfect for you! The site is and they do a massive range of products and so I might order a few candles instead.

On to another little snack. This one is a Ginger Teatox bar. I’m a little wary of this because I love ginger bars but the words Teatox are making me think Detox and Detox makes me think, shits. If this sends me to the crapper whilst watching Star Trek I will be very, very unhappy. So I have just nibbled a little bit from the top in the hopes of sampling the product without clearing out my system. Sorry if that is too much information and I’m sure this doesn’t have a laxative effect but you can never be too sure when it comes to Star Trek! A girl can’t take risks! On to how it tastes. It’s not too bad to be honest, I’d like it to have more of an overpowering ginger taste as it’s a bit sweet. It’s all natural products so to achieve a sweet taste they’re done well and it’s counted as one of your five a day so I’m happy. I’ll eat the rest of the bar tomorrow just to be on the safe side. I’ll be buying a box of these if it agrees with my sometimes finicky system. The website is and for those of you that are trying to eat a bit healthier or are vegans these would be perfect snacks for you! It looks like they do a peanut one as well so I might try those when I place an order.

This box comes with a reusable facecloth in every box and this month’s one is a pure red cloth. I use the other one as I would a cotton ball and its super soft and I love it, this one isn’t as soft as it’s a different material but I still love the quality of it and will use it when I need to wash the other one.

The final snack I received is a bar of dark chocolate. It’s a Montezuma’s bar and I’ve never heard of or tried this brand before so I’m pretty excited by it. It’s called Dark Chocolate Spice it Up with Dragon Ginger. Now I have not been a fan of dark chocolate in the past but have been meaning to give it another chance as I know it’s a healthier option when it comes to chocolate. Also, ginger! It’s not too bad, a little too dark so I might try something that’s a lower percentage in future (this one is 93%) but I can definitely see myself munching on this whilst I’m watching TV. Could use a little more ginger if I’m being completely honest, but things never have enough ginger, or lemon, or banana. Yeah I like my flavours. Overall a good bar though. The site for them is and they have a great selection of bars and are actually pretty cheap. Bring on pay day so I can stock up! They have a Lemon Meringue bar! Oh God! Well there goes this month’s money.

The final item is an add on item which I actually forgot I ordered. It’s a Sea Sponge tampon and is supposed to be a healthier alternative to disposables. Been meaning to try them out but I think I’ll chicken out and sell this on to someone else because it’s bigger than I thought it would be and I’m a wuss. If you’re a tampon person though I recommend you check them out. Maybe treat yourself to a box and add it on like I did. The boxes are only around £16  anyways (not including postage) so you might as well treat yourself! This box was themed around Dragons and so I can’t wait to see what the next months holds.

Thanks for listening to my rambles and as you can tell, this was one very full box! So many goodies, some I’ll use and some I’ll pass on to others. I’m going to go finish that packet of crisps now and bide my time until Star Trek!

Charlotte x



Yorkshire Bath Boutique review

I received a Yorkshire Bath Boutique foot soak in one of my earlier pamper boxes and absolutely loved it and so I contacted the lady who runs this business to order another batch. She has fantastic customer service and is very quick to respond so don’t hesitate to contact her. The link to her Facebook group is: but there is also a store website which is: I found it best to contact her through Facebook though.  I ordered a range of products to try out some of the other goodies she has available and so I’ll let you all know how I got on.

I’ll start out with my initial product search, my foot soak. This time instead of the Lemon and Lime soak, I ordered the Lavender one. It smells incredible! It’s so relaxing to use and even my mum has stolen some once or twice. Your feet feel lovely and soft afterwards and it relaxes you after a really crappy day at work. I really recommend you all give it a go, there is a massive range of different scents so you can try which ever one you want! It cost my £2.50 and I have used it around 4 times so far with loads still left in the bottle. Great value for money!

While I was browsing the products I noticed a Sea Salt Soap Scrub, which is a bit of a tongue twister. I received a coconut scented scrub (I asked to be surprised with all the scents as I couldn’t choose!) It’s very light and fresh so it’s not overpowering at all. My only downside to it is that it wasn’t very scrubby. I didn’t feel like I’d used an exfoliating scrub, more of a moisturiser. There are small particles that do scrub at your face and if you have delicate skin then it would be perfect for you. Whilst I have sensitive skin I do like a good scrub that leaves my face feeling a little tingly and all clean. This does leave your skin feeling soft though. For the price it’s fantastic, one tub costs £4 and will last for quite a while. I do use it as a body scrub as well as on my face and so it won’t last as long as the cleanser but a small amount does go a long way. It’s also great to use when you’re doing your legs, makes them feel nice and soft. I wonder how it would work as a shaving cream actually, hmmmm.

My next product was a face cleanser and like I said before I have sensitive skin on my face so I was a bit cautious with this one. I have the Mandarin scented cleanser which smells all citrusy and lovely. A very refreshing smell when you use it and not too overpowering. There is a lot in one tub so it lasts for a very long time (maybe add a made on date or expiry date to keep track of freshness?) I had to use a very small amount that covered my whole face. I rinsed my face with water before I used it and this seemed to make it spread very smoothly. My face feels soft after I have used it and so far it hasn’t caused any peeling or extra dryness. It hasn’t improved the dryness either so I still use a moisturiser after I have cleansed my face. Very good value for money though! The cleanser tub cost £5 and will last me months. I won’t use it every day, more of a once a week cleanser to give my face an extra clean.

My final product is a Slice of Soap. For a small slice between 75-95grams it costs £1.95 and I have the Milk and Honey bar. I wanted one that wasn’t too harsh as I used a lot of hand sanitizer at work and my hands get really dry from it so I wanted something that moisturised without making my hands worse and this little bar is perfect. It’s really gentle on my skin and my hands don’t feel so flaky anymore so I’ll definitely have to get more of this in the future, for now it’s going to last me for a while just like the other products.

So overall, a great box of goodies. They last forever and are great value for money. The only downside are ones caused by my skin personally not with the items themselves so please go and check her out! They are all handmade and she’s always improving them so let her know how you get on! My only tips for improvement is on the labelling. It would be quite handy to have a list of ingredients and a little instruction guide on how much to use, especially with the foot soak as I’m not sure if I’m pouring too much or too little into my bowl! The postage of a box depends on the weight of your order and mine was quite a large order and the postage was only £4.50 so go and stock up! I’ve also been told that’s she’s happy to ship Worldwide so this is open to all you lovelies! x

Thank you for reading and as always feel free to ask any questions!

Charlotte x

Spindelpads review

Okay my lovely readers, we have arrived at review time. The first supplier I’m reviewing is a UK store called Spindelpads. I bought my pad through etsy and it was fairly cheap at just £7.90. The owner of the store is Laura Taylor and she has great customer service with quick responses and was lovely when I contacted her in regards to the pad. Her Facebook page is: and this is kept up to date of all the products and fabrics. If you want to purchase directly from etsy then the link is:

TIMG_1285he pad itself is a 12” moderate/regular pad that has a gorgeous green crushed velvet topper. Very sort and comfortable even after it’s been washed. It has a flannel core with 4 layers of flannel for extra absorbency, with a polar fleece backing. The shape is perfect for me and offers full coverage for overnight use and is around 3” when snapped up and so it’s a good secure fitting pad. This was my first venture into a crushed velvet top and I was pleasantly surprised with how absorbent it was. No leaks and no discomfort when wearing it. It didn’t bunch at all either which made it even more comfortable to wear. My only negative is that it’s a bit too big for me to wear as an everyday pad and so I will have to take a look at some of her other sizes and purchase more.

This store does ship Worldwide but for the people in the UK she’s a home-grown supplier and has great turnaround time for delivery. She’s also one of the cheaper suppliers of high quality pads. I really recommend checking out her store. One of my favourites so far! The pictures really don’t do it justice, it’s more of a forest green.

Thanks for reading! Any questions, feel free to ask!

Charlotte x