Winifred’s Homemade Fudge review

Today I am reviewing the wonderful Winifred’s Homemade Fudge. I ordered a sample box in order to try a range of her products as they all sounded amazing and I couldn’t decide on what I wanted. The box was on offer and I believe it is usually £7.50 whereas I bought mine for £5 and the postage was £4.40 so it wasn’t unreasonably expensive.

The box arrived a week after it was ordered and was packaged really nicely. Even with my postman throwing the box around, there were no squished bars. I’ll admit that there is more fudge then I was expecting as well so definitely worth the price! Also you get different flavours every month! You get to try some unique flavours like Apple Crumble fudge, which sounded a bit strange but was amazing.

The first one I had to open straight away was the Bounty milk chocolate bar. It was one of the smaller ones in the box but it was perfect. I love coconut but I don’t eat bounty’s very often so this was a lovely little treat. There wasn’t too much coconut as to overwhelm the chocolate but it was just enough that you could taste it. Was so yummy!

Next was the Apple Crumble that I mentioned before. It really was amazing! It actually melts in the mouth (sorry for cliché!) and you can really taste the apple. Enjoyed it more than I expected I would. I did expect a bit more of a crumble texture, maybe even a slight crunch but I was happy it wasn’t there as I prefer smooth fudge. If you don’t purchase a selection of flavours, then I really recommend this one!

My next try was of the Kinder surprise, kinder Bueno and kinder and Nutella mix. It was stunning, so creamy and scrummy. I have to admit that I would have preferred it without the Bueno as I’m not a fan of those and it’s broke up the creamy texture of the bar. I still loved it and wish I had a heck of a lot more of it. I actually ate the entire thing by myself, no sharing of this one. Far too good to let the parents have any.

The next sample was of something I have never tried before, at least as far as I can remember. Pistachio. I know, I know, I’m an uncultured cur, but I honestly don’t remember having Pistachio before. I was a bit wary at first because my childish brain just told me that it ‘smelt funny’ my dad chimed in with ‘it smells like playdough’ not a great start. If it helps it probably smells like Pistachio but we’re all cur’s in this house. As for the taste, I’m apparently not a Pistachio fan, it was a little too sweet for me and I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe if I accustomed myself to Pistachios I’ll enjoy it more in future, for now I’ll pass on this one.

I was pretty curious about the next sample as it was tropical flavoured with white chocolate. It smelt amazing! Really fresh and summery, and I couldn’t wait to try it once it was opened. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t be able to eat much of it at once as it is a very sweet combination but it tastes fantastic. The tropical flavouring really comes through followed by a creamy white chocolate which isn’t as strong. Really nice to eat but I’d probably order it for a larger group, maybe small bite size pieces for a party? Honestly delicious!

The final one was the dubious Oreo cookie and white chocolate. If you’ve read my previous blogs, then you’ll know that I’m not an Oreo girl and so this one was left for last. It actually isn’t bad, wouldn’t be my first choice if I was shopping for fudge but certainly not the last. You can really taste the white chocolate in the fudge itself and with the chunks of Oreo biscuit/cookie inside it kind of pulls down the sweetness if that makes sense. It stops it from being overly sweet and gives it a bit of a crunch. I preferred the mix of crunch and fudge with this one whereas I didn’t for the kinder bar. If you enjoy Oreo then you’ll hopefully love this.img_1719

Anyways my lovelies this brings me to the end of this review. I have loved trying out new fudges and letting you all know how I got on with them. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask. As for all of the lovely people out there that now want to go and purchase mass amounts of fudge here is the link: There are boxes available or there are market nights where you can purchase flavours that have been made that week. Please join her group to see what wonderful creations she makes. I’m hoping to be able to try more but with the move back to University happening tomorrow I might have to wait a bit longer to be able to treat myself.

If there is anything you would like to see me review or hear my opinion of then let me know. Even if you just want to know how I went about moving back to University.

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x



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