Harry Potter Mystery/Blind boxes

Just a quick update on a new Harry Potter goodie that I have become a little obsessed with! Harry Potter mystery boxes. They cost £5.99 each and the only store I’ve found that stocks them is Game and I can’t stop myself! In each box you buy you get one figure and you don’t know who it will be until you open it. Hence the name, mystery. They are part of the Funko Pop! brand which I also don’t collect but may have to start looking into. I do have a Severus Snape, but that’s it!

I wasn’t that bothered about them before but then I decided to just buy the one. What a mistake that turned out to be. Now I have 8 of them. I started out with these two.

Then I just had to get another half a dozen. The downside is I now have 3 Hagrid’s and 2 Nagini’s and so I’m wasting money on duplicated figures. I’ll purchase a few more then I might look at either trading of just outright selling the ones that I have more than one of. img_1713

It’s a fun little hobby to have and doesn’t take any effort plus they are pretty adorable. Apparently you can order them offline so when I have a bit more money I might do a bulk order. Will have to see where my finances are after my next pay check.

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x



Author: Charlies words of wisdom

I'm a 26 year old part time health care assistant and full time English and Creative Writing University student. I live on the Isle of Man which is in the UK and study at the University of South Wales near Cardiff. I love animals so you may hear about my pets a lot. I also get addicted to new products very easily so prepare for excited ramblings

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