Yorkshire Bath Boutique review

I received a Yorkshire Bath Boutique foot soak in one of my earlier pamper boxes and absolutely loved it and so I contacted the lady who runs this business to order another batch. She has fantastic customer service and is very quick to respond so don’t hesitate to contact her. The link to her Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/yorkshirebathboutique/?fref=ts but there is also a store website which is: http://www.yorkshirebathboutique.co.uk/store/ I found it best to contact her through Facebook though.  I ordered a range of products to try out some of the other goodies she has available and so I’ll let you all know how I got on.

I’ll start out with my initial product search, my foot soak. This time instead of the Lemon and Lime soak, I ordered the Lavender one. It smells incredible! It’s so relaxing to use and even my mum has stolen some once or twice. Your feet feel lovely and soft afterwards and it relaxes you after a really crappy day at work. I really recommend you all give it a go, there is a massive range of different scents so you can try which ever one you want! It cost my £2.50 and I have used it around 4 times so far with loads still left in the bottle. Great value for money!

While I was browsing the products I noticed a Sea Salt Soap Scrub, which is a bit of a tongue twister. I received a coconut scented scrub (I asked to be surprised with all the scents as I couldn’t choose!) It’s very light and fresh so it’s not overpowering at all. My only downside to it is that it wasn’t very scrubby. I didn’t feel like I’d used an exfoliating scrub, more of a moisturiser. There are small particles that do scrub at your face and if you have delicate skin then it would be perfect for you. Whilst I have sensitive skin I do like a good scrub that leaves my face feeling a little tingly and all clean. This does leave your skin feeling soft though. For the price it’s fantastic, one tub costs £4 and will last for quite a while. I do use it as a body scrub as well as on my face and so it won’t last as long as the cleanser but a small amount does go a long way. It’s also great to use when you’re doing your legs, makes them feel nice and soft. I wonder how it would work as a shaving cream actually, hmmmm.

My next product was a face cleanser and like I said before I have sensitive skin on my face so I was a bit cautious with this one. I have the Mandarin scented cleanser which smells all citrusy and lovely. A very refreshing smell when you use it and not too overpowering. There is a lot in one tub so it lasts for a very long time (maybe add a made on date or expiry date to keep track of freshness?) I had to use a very small amount that covered my whole face. I rinsed my face with water before I used it and this seemed to make it spread very smoothly. My face feels soft after I have used it and so far it hasn’t caused any peeling or extra dryness. It hasn’t improved the dryness either so I still use a moisturiser after I have cleansed my face. Very good value for money though! The cleanser tub cost £5 and will last me months. I won’t use it every day, more of a once a week cleanser to give my face an extra clean.

My final product is a Slice of Soap. For a small slice between 75-95grams it costs £1.95 and I have the Milk and Honey bar. I wanted one that wasn’t too harsh as I used a lot of hand sanitizer at work and my hands get really dry from it so I wanted something that moisturised without making my hands worse and this little bar is perfect. It’s really gentle on my skin and my hands don’t feel so flaky anymore so I’ll definitely have to get more of this in the future, for now it’s going to last me for a while just like the other products.

So overall, a great box of goodies. They last forever and are great value for money. The only downside are ones caused by my skin personally not with the items themselves so please go and check her out! They are all handmade and she’s always improving them so let her know how you get on! My only tips for improvement is on the labelling. It would be quite handy to have a list of ingredients and a little instruction guide on how much to use, especially with the foot soak as I’m not sure if I’m pouring too much or too little into my bowl! The postage of a box depends on the weight of your order and mine was quite a large order and the postage was only £4.50 so go and stock up! I’ve also been told that’s she’s happy to ship Worldwide so this is open to all you lovelies! x

Thank you for reading and as always feel free to ask any questions!

Charlotte x


Author: Charlies words of wisdom

I'm a 26 year old part time health care assistant and full time English and Creative Writing University student. I live on the Isle of Man which is in the UK and study at the University of South Wales near Cardiff. I love animals so you may hear about my pets a lot. I also get addicted to new products very easily so prepare for excited ramblings

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