It has edges!

A crochet update for my lovely readers: I achieved a finished product! Tada! I know what you’re all thinking, my masterful technique and skill is beyond your wildest comprehension and you’re all awed by my talent. I hate to let you all down by telling you this but…it was supposed to be a square okay! I know it makes an amazing wonky half circle thing but I don’t know when it went from nice neat little rows to, oh so wrong.

It’s an achievement though, I finished the rows until I ran out of them and then tied them off. My first completed project. I will try again and again until I get it right.

I did manage to get it right on the next try! Look at this picture!

It’s still not fully square but that’s because it’s a work in progress, it’s a rectangle. I managed to get fairly even rows, only a few missed stiches and it only took me about 2 hours to do. Yes, 2 hours. I’m sure I’ll get faster at it eventually but for now I’m proud of my small achievement. I’ve been invited to try other designs and eventually I will but for now it’ll be boring row upon row until I can do it in my sleep, then on to the next challenge.

Also a quick note, I may have mentioned The Art of Crochet magazine before but I do not recommend it. The customer service team are very rude and they don’t send out the bonus gifts when they say they will. They were really difficult with me when I initially bought the subscription a few years ago and so i’d say stick to YouTube 🙂 x

Charlotte x

Author: Charlies words of wisdom

I'm a 26 year old English and Creative Writing University graduate. I live on the Isle of Man and studied at the University of South Wales near Cardiff. I love animals so you may hear about my pets a lot. I also get addicted to new products very easily so prepare for excited ramblings, as well as lots of jumping between topics and oversharing.

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