Crochet failures and a worthy cause

The mystery of crochet still alludes me. How do people make these perfect little squares that have gorgeous patterns and make amazing patchwork blankets? It’s not possible! I’ve tried, I unravel and try again but it always ends up the same. A small misshapen rectangle that is anything but symmetrical. My fingers ache and I feel a bit frustrated and stressed. I’ve heard people say they do this to relax, bloody mental if you ask me. I even did a google of crochet for dummies and that wasn’t helpful either. I went through step by step guides, YouTube videos and again used the Art of Crochet magazine, but I have yet to improve.

I think I pull the wool too tight when I pull it through the hoops, which makes it difficult to make the next row. Maybe if I can take deep breath and do as the song says ‘have a little patience’ (sorry couldn’t resist that!) maybe I’ll make this allusive square. If anyone has any tips or tricks they know of that might help me please just let me know! I really want to improve but I get impatient when it keeps going wrong. I am yet to give up and will try again, I’ll let you all know if I get any better.

On the bright side I did go swimming today, managed 5 lengths which might not seem like much but I am a very bad swimmer so I’m pretty proud of myself. Hoping to go swimming more often over the summer and get a bit stronger, maybe even reach 10 lengths by the end of the summer? Who knows, I can hope!

Also on a side note, I am currently arranging a plaque in memory of my Grandma who passed away last month. This is just a shout out to Redwing Horse Sanctuary who do amazing work with horses and have amazing customer services. If anyone has any spare change and wants to donate to a worthy cause please keep them in mind, the website is:  they are currently trying to help horses at Bodmin Moor. Even if you can’t donate then please pay them a visit, they’re in various locations across the UK and like I said, they’re really nice people and a great charity. My grandma donated to them for years so I’m hoping to raise a bit of awareness about them in her memory.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, please subscribe and leave me any feedback!

Charlotte x


Author: Charlies words of wisdom

I'm a 26 year old part time health care assistant and full time English and Creative Writing University student. I live on the Isle of Man which is in the UK and study at the University of South Wales near Cardiff. I love animals so you may hear about my pets a lot. I also get addicted to new products very easily so prepare for excited ramblings

2 thoughts on “Crochet failures and a worthy cause”

  1. I have a couple friends who having the same problem with crocheting! One of them is still trying ( or at least was the last time we discussed it) and the other one has given up and just occasionally knits.

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