My first full cycle with cloth pads

This is more of an update then a review of products. This cycle has been my first using only cloth pads and no disposables so I thought I would let people know how it went. A little bit about my usual routine first. I have extremely painful periods that knock me on my ass for a few days, they’re not too heavy, more moderate then heavy but they aren’t predictable. One month could be extremely light and the next could be a blood bath in my knickers (sorry for that image). My norm is a moderate flow though. I’m hoping that with swapping to cloth pads I won’t feel as uncomfortable as I usually would and hopefully add some fun to an otherwise shitty time. So far this has worked. This month has been a bit different than normal though so I can’t get an accurate idea of how much they help or not. My cramps were only bad for a few hours on the first day which is very unusual for me so I’ll have to see how I go next month with them helping my cramps.

They are a lot comfier then I expected some being more so then others and I expect to narrow down which styles and fabrics I prefer over time. My favourite fabric so far has got to be minky (plush) which is super soft and was really comfortable against my skin. A lot of reviews I’ve seen have said it’s a sweaty fabric which I could understand but I wore it as an overnight pad and slept a lot better than I would have with a thick overnight disposable. They mould to your body so you don’t feel like if you shuffle in your sleep it’s going to slip and leak through the gaps. You also don’t feel like your sticking to stuff you shouldn’t be sticking to, a very disgusting feeling if I do say so myself. I’ll admit that this cycle was a lot lighter than usual so I haven’t had the full experience yet, but I did find that there was a lot less mess and that the blood seemed to absorb into the one spot rather than spreading through the pad and leaking through the sides like my disposables used to.

Through the day I changed between two or three pads. That seemed to be enough for this cycle, but I did end up doing two laundry days with them so I must need more pads, it will be a hardship to go buy more amazing prints and designs. I can’t wait! For the wash routine I at first just put them through a normal cycle with Fairy Non Bio gel, but it didn’t touch the stains that was on them. So I instead sprayed them with Ariel stain remover which I then rubbed in and soaked them in a cold bucket with Flash Gold Stain remover powder for about an hour. I then put them back through the machine with the Fairy soap and a half scoop of Flash and they came out shiny and new again. It sounds like a bit of a faff but I’m still working out what works for me when it comes to washing them.

All in all it was a great experience and I will definitely be swapping over fully if it carries on this way. I’m still new to the whole thing so I’m still tweaking my routine but it was a lot more relaxing and comfortable then my previous cycles. My cycle lasted the full seven days but was light through most of it. I used around 20 pads of various thicknesses and designs and plan to do the same next cycle to get a feel for what suits me. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll answer as honestly as I can.


Author: Charlies words of wisdom

I'm a 26 year old part time health care assistant and full time English and Creative Writing University student. I live on the Isle of Man which is in the UK and study at the University of South Wales near Cardiff. I love animals so you may hear about my pets a lot. I also get addicted to new products very easily so prepare for excited ramblings

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