The Treat Trove April 2016 Box

I’ve never ordered a subscription box before so this was a completely new experience. I ordered the wonderful Period Box from The Treat Trove website which is:

At first I was a little dubious as they cost £24.95 each and I thought that was a bit steep as I was treating myself. You do receive a lot in these boxes! If you think that each pad that you would purchase is around £7-9 on average and you tend to receive 3 different pads in this box. It’s great for people that are just starting out on cloth pads because it takes the choosing a supplier problem off your hands. The pads that you get are different every month so you get to try out suppliers that you haven’t been able to. Along with the pads you receive little treats which again differ every month. These treats are hand crafted and locally sourced, so with every box you’re helping out small businesses. Doesn’t that make you feel pretty good about yourself?

If you’re not interested in receiving yet more pads to an already excessive collection (although is there such a thing as too many?) then you can just order a treat box. These boxes have similar items just without the pads and cost £14.95 it’s called the Sweet box. There are so many to choose from that I recommend checking out the site! They even have specific boxes for teenagers or new mothers (post-partum) which have items suited to these groups. Or an amazing relaxation box that sounds incredible, I image it smells just as amazing as well. I will be trying other boxes in future.

My first box arrived at the end of April 2016 and you can open it straight away or save it for when your cycle starts. I’m far too impatient to wait so I opened it immediately.  It contained three different pads, one Kittens & Mittens pad which is the one with the little hearts the etsy store for these is kittensandmittensuk if you want to try her pads. It feels amazingly soft on the back and is the perfect size, I can’t wait to try it out.


The second one is a Dimplemuff pad which feels a little thicker then I would like put it’s a gorgeous print and a nice fabric although it didn’t come with any length or thickness guide so I’ll have to look them up.


The final pad is a Jolly Penguin (Joli Pingouin) pad which again is gorgeous! It’s my first bamboo valour pad that feels a little rough so I’m hoping it softens after I prewash it (Which it did but is still a little big for me).

I will review each of these pads individually in a separate entry. I don’t want to mix and match pads but I will likely compare them to other brands so that if people like certain types they’ll know where to find similar styles.

On to my other items in this box. I received some chocolate orange razzle type circles which were eaten straight away that’s why they’re not in the picture. I’m not a fan of orange flavoured chocolate so they weren’t something I’d want again but I loved the fact that they were coloured pink, orange and brown. A very cute touch and they were very well presented. A downside to this first box was that I received two separate candles. The small love heart stand with the orange candle smells great! I love it! Smells kind of fruity, and I wish there was a little label with it that told me what the scent was.DSCF2218

The second candle is in a very nice little jar with a screw on lid that’s wrapped with a ribbon. It’s called Dreamy #5 and is made of Eco Soy Wax, its clay sage and papaya scented and while it does have a stamp that says who makes them it’s so small that I can’t read it. It smells really fresh and I did light it when I had family round and it wasn’t too strong.DSCF2227

I don’t really use candles because they give me headaches, that and when I get back to university I can’t have them in my room. I couldn’t have lit either of them in my bedroom or a smaller space as it would have been too much for me. I do love the packaging though and for people that like candles these would have been great! I also had a small wax melt which, again, I don’t use. It’s in a nice little pouch which is adorable and it’s called Blue Hawaiian, made by soap candy whose website is: I may not use it for its intended purpose but it’s going in my sock draw as it’ll make my clothes smell great!

The final item in this first box is a bag of bath salts. I love to have a good pamper and can’t wait to use them! I unfortunately don’t have a bath, only a shower so I’m going to have to wait until I’m traveling back to university before I can use it as I stay in a hotel and that’s the only time I can have a bath. It’s a treat to look forward to and I will definitely use it, if it’s not stolen by a friend first that is. It’s by Dreamy HB&S and is a Vanilla & Sandalwood organic bath salt which sounds brilliant, the writing on the packet is again very small and hard to read so the only critique I have for them is to maybe revamp their labels.

Some people would probably say this box was a disappointment as I couldn’t use half the things that were in it but it really wasn’t! It was super exciting to receive and gave me something to look forward to at a really crappy time of the month. For my future boxes I know to request no candles or bath products and they really listen to these requests! You can tell them if you have certain dietary requirements or if there are certain products you can’t use and your box will be personalized for you! So don’t worry about any special requests you might have! The only thing I would really change about these boxes is to maybe have a leaflet inside that gives you information on exactly what it is your receiving and where to buy more. It can be a little difficult to identify where the products have come from. Maybe eventually there’ll even be the ability to request whether you want liners or moderates/heavy’s, etc. in the box to personalize it even further. I will definitely be ordering more boxes in future though and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Sorry for some of the photos in this!

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